Morning Desert Safari

5 Hours


  • Pick up and Drop off in 4×4 Land Cruiser
  • Dune bashing
  • Sand Boarding
  • Sunrise  view in the desert
  • Unlimited Water and Soft Drinks


  • Quad Bike Ride
  • Camel Ride
  • Buggy Ride

Book an Exciting Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Feel the exhilaration of a Morning Desert Safari in Dubai, a special adventure that transforms the golden desert into a thrilling playground. As sunlight comesup, our 5-hour safari package invites you to experience the vastness and beauty of the Arabian desert from sunrise to midday.

What to Expect?
  Scheduled from 07:30 AM to 12:30 PM, this trip packages ideals in the serenity of the desert morning, fused with thrill-filled activities.

Begin your tour with a pick-up in a luxury 4×4 Land Cruiser, offering a comfortable and safe ride to and from the desert. Comfort and excitement are always at the heart of our Dubai Morning Desert Safari Packages.    

Sunrise Photography:
Witness the enchanting moments of desert sunrise, an experience that promises to be a highlight of the safari. The expansive desert landscapes bask in the soft morning sun, a spectacle for the senses, and a treat for photography enthusiasts.    

Dune Bashing:
Experience the pure exhilaration of Dune Bashing, a must-have desert adventure. Our experienced drivers will take you on a thrilling ride over the golden dunes, with your safety always being our paramount concern.    

Excite your adventurous side with Sandboarding, an enjoyable activity that allows you to surf down the sand dunes on a board.    

Stay fresh and hydrated throughout the tour with complimentary water and soft drinks.    

Additional Offerings:
Customize your MorningDesert Safari with Quad Bike option, a favorite among many visitors. Ride in the open desert on your four-wheel quadbike, creating an adventure that thrills and excites. Additionally, an optional Camel Ride provides the opportunity to experience the desert as traditional Bedouin tribes once did. This ride offers a different, slow-paced perspective on the desert expanse. If speedy exploration is more your style, an adrenalin-fueled Buggy Ride may be for you.    

Why Choose Us?
Desert safaris are a popular activity in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but for the Best Morning Desert Safari in Dubai, we ensure your experience is a cut above the rest. Not only do we offer competitive Morning Desert Safari Tickets as part of our Dubai Morning Desert Safari Deals, but we also maintain high standards of service, guaranteeing your comfort, entertainment, and, importantly, your safety. With our VIP Morning Desert Safari, you can expect a premium experience, enjoying the best the desert has to offer, from adrenaline-inducing quad biking tours to a delicious Morning Desert Safari with Lunch. The lush tranquility of the desert morning forms the perfect backdrop to the feast we lay out for our guests. . Book your Morning Desert Safari in Dubai now, and create lifetime memories with us !


Are Child allowed

yes cheldrens are allowd

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Morning Desert Safari
From AED 160
/ Adult